Moving Ahead
In The AI Journey

Despite the proliferation of AI and machine learning technology, most customers don’t view technology as their biggest challenge. Kogentix believes that clear business value, skills & capabilities, and access to the right data are the obstacles organization must address first. Kogentix offers a broad range of professional services to accelerate your business success no matter where you are on your AI journey.

Define the Strategy and Architecture

Kogentix has experience creating high impact AI solutions across several vertical markets, including telecom, retail, CPG, banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more.  We provide advisory services to ensure our customers generate results quickly, while defining a strategy that will scale in the future.

Establish the Platform

A comprehensive  AI solution starts with infrastructure and a data platform.  These must be versatile, cost effective, scalable, and open.  The Kogentix team includes experts in deployment of data solutions in the cloud, and on the open source big data platform.  We can help create an environment not just for machine learning, but also other forms of analytics to drive greater value from data.

Build the Models

While Kogentix AMP makes it dramatically easier, faster, and more effective to build machine learning models, we know that many customers are looking for help to build their initial use cases. Kogentix offers the services of a team comprised of the most educated and experienced data scientists in the industry. Not only will we implement models on AMP, we’ll provide the knowledge transfer to make customers self-sufficient for future innovations.

Insight Integration

While much of the focus in AI gravitates towards algorithms and models, the reality is that value is created when insights drive actions.  Dashboards and reporting are necessary, but not sufficient. Kogentix has a history  of building and deploying enterprise applications. Our team of developers can integrate the insights derived from AMP into systems of engagement to automate and scale impact.

Monitor and Manage

There’s a  reason the term machine learning is used instead of machine learned. AI applications must continually improve and adapt to changing input data.  Kogentix AMP makes it possible to close the loop and ensure predictive insights continue to accurately reflect the real world results.  For customers who want the flexibility of AMP, but the ease of use of a SaaS solution, Kogentix can manage and monitor the environment so our customers can stay focused on their business

Our Approach

Getting Right Into It
We’re Agile and Iterative 

We start small and quick. We start to implement infrastructure and solutions immediately and build stronger solutions with each iteration. All our solutions are agile, flexible, and scalable.

Parallel Track Masters

We pride ourselves on having a ready team that can work with your enterprises on parallel tracks. We can  integrate simultaneously on platform, analysis, and application levels. It doesn’t matter where you are with your solution needs: whether it’s upgrading your current infrastructure, creating custom solutions, analysing specific market needs, or making iterations on current data processes, we can work with you at any point and create significant impact at any level.

The Right Resources
At the Right Time

Our team is located in the U.S.A and in India. Our capabilities and expertise is thorough, diverse, and determined. We’re here, around the clock, to give you the most effective solutions.

Reliable and Innovative:
Open Source

We use open source to build our solutions because it’s the most cost-effective way for your enterprise to let us build, create, and execute the most innovative solutions.