Kogentix Announces Production and Cloudera Certification of Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP) Version 1.3

Kogentix, the leader in practical artificial intelligence (AI) fueled by big data, announced the production release of version 1.3 of the Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP). Kogentix also announced that AMP v1.3 has achieved Cloudera Certification. AMP v1.3 includes several enhancements that fit the product’s mission to enable not just better machine learning, but better business results.

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Kogentix was privately beta-testing its machine-learning offering when we caught up with it in January. The two-year-old startup’s automated machine-learning platform (AMP) is now in production with customers, enabling management to illuminate use cases.

Kogentix makes new executive announcement

CHICAGO, IL – 11 Jul, 2017 – Kogentix Inc, a privately held artificial intelligence software and services corporation announced the appointment of Debasish Mukhopadhyay (Deb) as Senior Vice President, Cloud Solutions. Mr. Mukhopadhyay will be responsible for expanding the company’s presence in the fast growing market for AI in the cloud using the Kogentix Automated Machine Learning [AMP] platform.

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The “buzzword de jour” in tech circles around the world is Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of commodity hardware, open source software, big data, and cloud computing are providing companies- big and small -scores of opportunities to leverage AI. They are foundational to delivering the cost-effective compute and storage capacity needed to unlock the value of decades of innovation around machine learning.

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The machine-learning-based analysis sector continues to gather speed, and Kogentix is one of the latest market entrants. The startup is revving up a cloud service and professional services play that promises to deliver realworld artificial intelligence in business processes.

Kogentix: Creating Business Results and Competitive Advantage

Working with clients, Kogentix strives to accelerate the delivery of high business impact applications and solutions. “Both data engineering and data science capabilities are critical.

Newcomer Kogentix squares off against big data, analytics, and AI developers

We recently spoke with Boyd Davis (CEO) and Krishna Nimmagadda (co-founder) of Kogentix, a big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence developer. The company executives share a background from Intel and Hadoop-based products and services, working with Cloudera, Spark, and Cask (where Boyd was COO before joining). The company was founded in early 2015, and currently has about 160 employees based in the U.S. and India.

Cloudera Announces 2016 Data Impact Award Winners

STRATA+HADOOP WORLD NEW YORK, NY – September 28, 2016 – Cloudera, the global provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, today announced the winners of the 2016 Data Impact Awards. The awards celebrate organizations that have implemented big data and analytics platforms based on CDH, the open source Hadoop-based distribution, with remarkable success.