Say Goodbye to Old
School Data Analytics

Some form of AI has been around for decades, and much of the vision for AI is still years away. However, the emergence of commodity hardware, open source software, and cloud computing has created a unique opportunity for organizations to leverage AI for business value. We are at an inflection point, and now is the time to act.

Kogentix solutions integrates  cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that learn about your business, make timely recommendations to improve KPIs, and become increasingly more accurate with every iteration.

When it comes to setting up the right solution for you, we understand your infrastructure and your goals. We create AI systems that address your specific concerns and sharpen your understanding of future outcomes.

And Haystacks

Imagine hundreds of thousands haystacks being thrown at you, some at rapidly increasing speed, others lobbed at a more casual pace. We might think we need to search for the needles, but what if there is more to mine from those haystacks? What if we have to understand the value of the haystacks themselves? And most importantly, what if the needles themselves aren’t pertinent to us? At Kogentix we not only mine big data, but we repurpose and find new ways of using your data to boost enterprises.

We build systems that work with your existing technology to unlock potential goldmines and reveal actionable insights.

Our AI products are built to be compatible with existing systems and facilitate the most versatile emerging technologies in:

Anomaly detection
Event Prediction
Distributed Machine Learning

That’s why Kogentix sits at the intersection of big data, cloud, machine learning/cognitive computing, and the convergence of the physical and digital world. Kogentix has experience delivering real results.

The Kogentix Way

We believe in depth of services. From strategy to analytics and implementation to support. We’re there and we’re integrating, innovating, and translating. Kogentix is invested in keeping our expertise sharp and seasoned. We bring proven methodologies, reference solutions, and software products that show results. Our data engineering capabilities are globally competitive and are creating the most modernized data fabric for enterprises.

The Kogentix 360-Degree Approach

Our data scientists and engineers will architect scalable platforms customised for your organization. This means integrating with the way you already work, and giving it a booster shot.


We’ll fit our technology to your existing systems.This means minimizing redundancies in process, technology investment, and training.


Kogentix translates your ecosystem seamlessly. We arrange data in context of your business and market, and create quick snapshots and calls-to-action that move your growth graph up and to the right.

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