Say Goodbye to Old
School Data Analytics

While some form of AI has been around for decades, the opportunity to leverage data for better business outcomes has never been this exciting thanks to the emergence of commodity hardware, cloud computing, and open source data.

Too many solutions on offer today require customers to transmit or share their data, or to rely on black box machine learning models with no transparency.

Kogentix combines a transparent, and scalable Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP). AMP helps organizations build AI applications that learn about their business, make timely recommendations to improve KPIs. Organizations can INNOVATE, AUTOMATE and OPERATE AI Applications to achieve rapid business results, while building up their own capability to innovate and differentiate with AI on their data.

And Haystacks

Imagine hundreds of thousands of haystacks being thrown at you, some at rapidly increasing speed, others lobbed at a more casual pace. We might think we need to search for the needles, but what if there is more to mine from those haystacks? What if we have to understand the value of the haystacks themselves? And most importantly, what if the needles themselves aren’t pertinent to us? At Kogentix we not only mine big data, but we repurpose and find new ways of using your data to boost enterprises.

We build applications that work with your existing technology to unlock potential gold mines and reveal actionable insights.

Kogentix AMP is built to be compatible with existing systems and facilitate the most complete end-to-end scalable experience in building AI Applications using the most versatile emerging technologies in:

Data Wrangling
Correlation and Causal Analysis
Model Management

Kogentix has experience delivering real results.

The Kogentix Way

Kogentix believes in humanizing technology. We are passionate about our customer’s success. We believe every business is a data business and every organization should be self-sufficient to emancipate their data. We believe in compelling business results and customer’s success. We at Kogentix combine our Industry leading AI application software with world class services working side by side with our customers and empowering them to transform the way they use their data.

Kogentix 360 Degree Approach

Not just better models but
enterprise AI applications.


Powerful answers to your business
problems with insights and actions
backed by data.


Let the most experienced minds boost
your enterprise capabilities.



AMP offers increased top and bottom line growth resulting in happy and loyal customers.

It also offers the capability to rapidly integrate data, discover trends, and iterate on models that drive the best business outcome.



AMP results in reduced cost while maximising resources. It also mitigates the data skills gap.

Kogentix AMP offers enhanced capacity through automation plus a business focused interface that does not require coding and scripting.



AMP reduces risk and increases predictability over time. Today, AI applications not only need security, governance, and reliability but also adaptability.

Kogentix AMP is a comprehensive solution that eliminates that compromise between production robustness and adaptability.

Leading Organizations Work with Kogentix